Prosinec 2012

Mclean Family

16. prosince 2012 v 13:33 | |  Aj Mclean


Alex,Rochelle and smile Ava in magazine In Touch

16. prosince 2012 v 10:55 | |  Aj Mclean


Alex in the studio TMZ

16. prosince 2012 v 10:53 | |  Aj Mclean

Aj Mclean Twitter

Nick Carter with Lauren in car

16. prosince 2012 v 10:51 | |  Nick Carter

Nick Carter Twitter

Nick with Angel and Lauren

16. prosince 2012 v 10:50 | |  Nick Carter

Nicj Carter Twitter

Backstreet Boys again in the studio

16. prosince 2012 v 10:49 | |  Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys Twitter

Howie D and his news photos from Twitter

11. prosince 2012 v 9:15 | |  Brian Littrell

Happy thanksgiving to all my americano friends. Somehow I got volunteered to do the carving. God help me & my family;)

On our way with friends for a little anniversary vacation

Relax at lunch. Caption this

For the first time I'm enjoying a dinner in the kitchen with the chef & staff on purpose without be rushed out the door

Howie D Twitter

New photos by Brians Twitter

11. prosince 2012 v 9:12 | |  Brian Littrell
Look at what we found this morning. Elves should be working this time of year

Cool setting makes for good music. Chirp

Brian Littrell Twitter

Leigh has a new pictures from Twitter

11. prosince 2012 v 9:05 | |  Leighanne Littrell

Santa rides in style looks like he misses Rudolph

HoHoHo wearing Wylee don't ya know!

Baylee's Bathroom Santa tree...yes Bay has a Christmas tree in his bathroom🐣

He's back!!! I like him better this year

Here is what was waiting for me when I got to LA BestHusbandEverChirp

Leighanne Littrell Twitter

Leigh news photos

1. prosince 2012 v 14:29 | |  Leighanne Littrell

aylee with some of his friends at his birthday party last night! So much fun!

The girls are ready for some football

Sporting Wylee today! WyleeChirp

ook how cute they are when you tie them at the bottom

his is making me happy! Christmas in Disney

Leigh Littrell Twitter

Brian news photos

1. prosince 2012 v 14:26 | |  Brian Littrell

n the studio rockin my Wylee T Chirp😎

ook it's the new wardrobe for BSB chirp ;

Brian Littrell Twitter

Alex news more photos

1. prosince 2012 v 14:24 | |  Aj Mclean
The many faces of

Almost turkey day all my skulleez so what are u thankful for?

Rock n roll baby!💀💀💀

No matter how late or how long we will finish 100 pieces by Monday!

t will happen and I can't wait for that day!!!! Love my gays.

Boys night with Hot super hero chicks. Wonder Woman yeah!!

Really people??!!?? Who the hell does this! If u do just stop

At the "bead source" my store for all my supplies. Just got a shit ton more gonna work thru the weekend. Ya

he complete collection up to now. More to come especially necklaces!! Gn all

oing crazy y'all!! This is gonna be huge and so much fun making them! Love to my wife Madonna mark and my

Keep them comin!!! Made three new tonight and a new necklace. I am loving this now gonna lay down with the

Sitting outside the marriage license place trying to get married officially!! Looks like its not gonna happe

Mark and I need food to keep making the jewelry !!! Ha

My prego wife sleeping like her sister ha! I love my wife so beautiful!

Working hard in the craft shop

he first necklace of many pieces coming soon from Alexander Jaymes!

So glad she's finally back in my garage where she belongs. Safe an sound. is the shit!!!

My sister sleeping. U can barely see a little arm ha. To cute

King kong ain't got shit on me!!

About to head over to the social cam event. Gonna be fun.

NYC here I come u better be ready!!!!

Goodnight all!! I'm off to the big apple tomm for the social cam event and fashion week with my boys to perf

love date night

What's that in a bush I hear??

Double date night. Yay!!!

his is a better look at the one I'm wearing.

ello everybody. How effing cute am I!!!!!

Such a handsome boy!!! Love him. Ozzpawsbigaws

Hello all! Hope your having a awesome weekend. I got a lot more bracelets to make so time to go to work!!

am love love loving this!! Done for the night. Back at it tomm!!

This is how they sleep so silly. I love my boys.

Loving this one

nd ya don't stop!!

My baby!! Oh how I missed her so

Last one for today
I will never stop

nd some more bracelet fun! Look out world I found a new hobby and who knew I'd be good at it! So proud of m

y first bracelet I made myself! Not to bad !!

Yeah that's right beads!! I'm gonna make some custom jewelry tonight!!! What what!!

Hmm what to do why to do?? I know I'll go jump around in an indoor trampoline park!!!! Awesome

Lunch with my favorite person in the universe! My beautiful wife n mommy to be.

ttack of the prego belly!!!
I feel like I'm going cross eyed!!! No more video games for tonight

Happy labor day weekend everybody! Be safe and have a kick ass time

The best fans in the universe!!!!!!! Backstreets back baby!!
Brok baby!

Backstreets back baby

And that's five

Getting ready for GMA
ust landed in NYC! Need more sleep! Two days till GMA!!

It could happen!

Time to go home

The o g spider man

Silly boys
Thanks and for this awesome watch! Love it!

Me and my bf Chris. Miss this fucker

Aj Mclean Twitter

Nicky is Christmas Santa Claus :)

1. prosince 2012 v 13:27

Alex Dorough Facebook

Rodičům Rochelle a Alexu Mcleanovým se narodila dcera Ava Jaymes Mclean !!!

1. prosince 2012 v 13:20 | |  Aj Mclean
A je to zde. Na světě je první Backstreet Girl jménem Ava Jaymes Mclean. Holčička i maminka Rochelle jsou v pořádku. Malá Ava se narodila 27.11.2012 ve 4:51 a.m. Narodila se sice o pár dní dříve ale důležité je, že jsou maminka i malá zdraví. Oboum rodičům srdečně gratuluji :)

Backstreet Boys

Amarican Music Awards 2012

1. prosince 2012 v 13:09 | |  Backstreet Boys
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